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Beach Bum of the Month: Thor Normann

Meet Thor. First things first lets address the elephant in the room - he was named after the explorer (Thor  Heyerdahl) and not the Marvel Comic / God of Thunder - read a book. He's transitioned from farm boy, to semi-professional rugby player, to reluctant city boy working in London's investment banks - before finally seeing the light and turning full time Beach Bum in Cape Town.  Read on for a little more insight into this young fellows take on the how to live the best Beach Bum life.

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Beach Bum of the Month: Christine

Christine is using this as a test post and doesn't really know what to write. She would rather be at the beach right now, but given the current circumstances of the world, she feels like she should probably stay indoors.  Read on for more on how she would be living her best beach bum life if she were able to leave the house.

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