About us

The Beach Bums of Cape Town grew from a love for wholesome sunshine filled beach days, the slower life, the simple pleasures, and the less is more ethos.

When we decided to move home after 8-years abroad, and a tropical island filled sabbatical, the first thing on our “settle into Cape Town life” list was a decent beach umbrella - we searched high and low and couldn’t find what we needed, and at the same time couldn’t bring ourselves to buy a flimsy “one summer and it’s done” style umbrella - and so, The Beach Bums was born.

It was a tricky start with our first batch of umbrella’s arriving in March 2020, the day before South Africa went into its first national lockdown - launching a beach brand when it’s illegal to visit the beaches’ meant things were only ever going to get better for us. It’s been a wonderful growing our small business over the past few years and we’re stoked that this is what we get to do for work, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

We hope that our products will see you, your friends, and your families through endless beach days over many years and that they’re something you are proud to own. We would love to grow a little community of beach bums, who choose lazy sandy days over the hustle and bustle, who leave the beaches clean, care for the ocean, and spread kindness. The ones who read books, pack homemade sandwiches, and say hello to strangers. The ones who know that when life gets a little bit much, you grab your favourite umbrella and pop down to the beach for a dip in the ocean.

Thank you for your support and keep it sunny!


Christine & Thor.


PS. fancy yourself as a beach bum and content creator, and want to chat about joining us as a brand ambassador? Apply over on content creators page HERE.