Our Story

The Beach Bums of Cape Town's story began after an 8 year 'stint' in the corporate circles of London. Two one way tickets out of the fast lane paved an adventure back home to Cape Town, via the world. First stop, the Philippines. 
Fast forward 7 months with salty hair and olive skin the founders were back in Africa with some extensive beach experience up their sleeve inspired to add value to an already thriving beach-lifestyle community. And just like that The Beach Bums were born.
We have big ambitions, but first, starting small we aim to bring you the best in luxury beach accessories. Our full range will be available for summer 2020, but in the mean time "may our arms never become the same colour as our bums."


Contact Us:
Address: 40 Hastings Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa
Email: hello@thebeachbumscpt.com
Phone: +2774 334 9898